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Dec. 21 2012

Nuria — Lahore, Pakistan

Nuria on Face Time

“The women here are so strong, so amazing…My mother in law went to Harvard Law at age 40. I find in my circle of friends that women’s rights are always discussed. However, sometimes I get a bit irritated,” Nuria continues. “As a woman, you get a lot of attention here whether you want it or not. The attention acts like an infringement on my freedom. Men stare so much that one does not feel comfortable going alone.”

Nov. 15 2012

Aldo’s in the 40 Spirit — Love!

Aldo Shoes

I came across this display in the window of Aldo shoes/accessories this week (had also seen a similar one in New York) — And just wanted to share.  Love the message and sentiment! CELEBRATE THE FIRST 40!

Oct. 29 2012

Successful Kickstarter Pre-Sale Campaign Now Complete!

Finding 40 Project on Kickstarter

Thank you SO Much for your support of the Kickstarter Campaign!  We successfully met our goal of over $4,000 for pre-production!  Please click below to go directly to the Kickstarter page to review the project’s success:

Oct. 16 2012

Flora Shares her 40 Story through the site


A little snippet from Flora’s story from the web site: “My divorce was the best thing that ever happened to me. My divorce caused me to learn about life and the importance if being self-sufficient and economically self supportive that I successfully put all my ducks in order and now I am who I am. Every day I strive to learn new things about myself and how I can better those around me. I’m am proud to be 40 — I’m healthy, happy and fabulous and most importantly proud to be 40!”

Oct. 15 2012

Katie Reaches Out Through Web Site: Her 40th Birthday Message to Herself

Katie from San Diego

Katie from San Diego shares her personal message to herself from her 40th birthday earlier this year. Rock on Katie!

Oct. 8 2012

Traci shares her story through the site: Finding 40 in Arizona

Traci in Arizona

Single mom Traci in Arizona shares a little with us about her life facing 40 and looking forward to the next 60 (or so!) years.

Oct. 1 2012

Next Round of Interviews!

Interviews 2012

We are very excited to announce our next round of interviews/stories we will be working on between now and the end of the year…We’ll be speaking to women in: – Arizona -Pakistan – Dubai – Ethiopia -Sri Lanka – Maldives ** Stay tuned for more!

Aug. 18 2012

Washington DC — Kristin moves it on the Hill…

Kristin works it on the Hill

“When I came to DC I was kind of a hippie – It’s funny where life takes you”

Aug. 18 2012

Enjoying some wine with Simona in Brescia, Italy…

Simona -- Brescia, Italy

Where better to meet with a sommelier and wine tour leader than a cafe, in a lovely Italian piazza, enjoying a glass or two of the good stuff? We were fortunate to meet with Simona just one day after her 40th birthday and we toasted her milestone and chatted about life in Northern Italy and working in one of the country’s most important industries.

Jul. 16 2012

Cristina Buys a One-Way Ticket Home to Italy and Never Looks Back

Cristina -- Torino, Italy

During our visit to Europe earlier this spring, we met with the lovely Cristina in Torino, Italy — city of her birth and now “home” after years living abroad. Quite an adventurous spirit, we loved hearing about her journey to 40.

Jul. 16 2012

Honored to speak with Mala in India

Mala, struggling to make it to 40

We are very honored to have the opportunity to get to know Mala in Edapady, India through our partner, PCI Global.  Just getting this small glimpse into Mala’s life, struggling to live with HIV and trying to raise her children is a wonderful reminder of the fragility of life and the challenge many women face around the world just hoping to make it to 40.

Jun. 18 2012

Maria — Brussels, Belgium

Maria -- Brussels, Belgium

This busy mom of two balances a full-time career of counsel in an international law firm with her family life and frequent visits to nearby Spain and Austria to stay connected with her family as well as her husband’s…We loved Maria’s thoughts on looking forward from 40 to 50.

May. 27 2012

Anabel — Avignon, France

Anabel -- Avignon, France

Anabel is fierce.  She’s French.  She’s fabulous.  We had the pleasure of talking with her while her daughter June kept busy playing with Anabel’s own camera (she’s a professional photographer) in the incredible photogenic town of Avignon in Southern France.

May. 18 2012

Syd — Los Angeles, California

Syd -- Los Angeles, California

We met with Syd at her home and work space in Los Angeles to talk more about how her life at 40 is far different than she thought it would be…

Apr. 19 2012

Monica — Las Vegas, Nevada USA

Monica -- Las Vegas, Nevada

Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Monica knew from an early age what she wanted to do. “I remember the actual moment when I knew what I would do for the rest of my life,” she says. Monica was attending a private school and it was career day. Her teacher brought in her extremely handsome fiance; the students knew of him through the teacher’s comments and photos, but Monica felt there was something else familiar about him. “Once he came in the classroom, I knew instantly where I recognized him from – he did the news on Channel 7. At that moment, I knew what I wanted to do for a living – I wanted to be a news anchor.”