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We are thrilled to have The Finding 40 Project available for sale on Amazon!  Please support our project by purchasing a copy:


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Now available on Amazon!

What does it mean to turn the big 4-0? How different can it look to women around the world?


After nearly two years, 10 countries and more than 30 interviews, writer and photographer Aimee Cebulski has compiled these stories and photographs into The Finding 40 Project, a look at what 40 means to a diverse set of women. A sampling of interviews included in the book:


- At 40, Meghan has left her Wall Street-working, vegetarian lifestyle behind and now hunts and dresses her own meat in a Wyoming town of 100 souls with her husband and two boys


- Natalie juggles motherhood with a high-visibility job as the news anchor on “The Today Show”


- Simona is a sommelier in Italy, wondering why no one asks a 40-year old man why they don’t have any children


- In Washington, D.C., Kristin works as a power player as Chief of Staff to a U.S. Congressman


- Rosa Elena has never been further than the village 10 miles away from her home in Ecuador where she lives with her seven children and one grandchild


Where do you fit in? Browse the stories and decide for yourself. Makes a great 40th Birthday Gift!


If you wish to purchase an e-book version of The Finding 40 Project for $4.99, please click here to contact me and I will invoice you securely via PayPal.