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Finding 40 Project

Forty. The Big 4-0. We know this is a milestone number, but what does it really mean on a global scale? Finding Forty© is on a mission, both here and abroad, examining what it means to be 40 years old to a diverse set of women. The Finding 40 Project is a unique opportunity to take a concept that is both feared and celebrated in the United States and turn an eye outward to see what this milestone means to others on a global scale. From women who simply hope to make it to 40 to those in desperate need to forget it, The Finding 40 Project tells their stories through photos and text.

Aug. 22 2017

Turning 30 around the world?


Always fun to see a fellow photographer and wanderer looking to see how different life stages can look around the world…Very interesting piece by Melia Robinson on Business Insider about “Being 30″ — a blog documenting people in their 30s around the world:   http://www.businessinsider.com/thirty-year-olds-photographed-around-the-world-2017-8?utm_source=timewarner&utm_medium=referral/#turning-30-was-quite-an-important-event-in-my-life-stephan-domingues-told-business-insider-in-2015-when-we-first-spoke-i-felt-it-was-the-case-for-people-around-me-1 What always impresses me about other projects like mine is [...]

Mar. 12 2016

Thrilled to get an awesome update from participant Gloria in Quito, Ecuador!

Gloria in Quito has opened her own B&B!

It’s so awesome to hear from our participants — and we were really happy to get an exciting update from Finding 40 participant Gloria in Quito, Ecuador: She has followed through on her dream of opening her own B&B! She emails us that “she has made her dream come true” and is running her own [...]

Dec. 29 2015

Thank you Pink Pangea for Chat About Turning 40 Around the World!

Pink Pangea Interview

We were interviewed recently by Pink Pangea and thrilled to discuss The Finding 40 Project and my experiences from writing the book. Full interview here: http://www.pinkpangea.com/2015/12/turning-40-aimee-cebulski/

Nov. 13 2015

Happy 40th Anniversary to the Original Wonder Woman!


So it’s not an official ’40th birthday’ but rather a celebration of 40 years since Wonder Woman jumped from comic strips to TV sets everywhere. One of our favorite web sites, A Mighty Girl, has an awesome collection of all things Wonder Woman related for any of the amazing women in your lives — or [...]

Sep. 13 2015

Thanks to Meghan for reaching out with her “Finding 40″ story!

Soon to be 40-fabulous Meghan!

Meghan from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania sent us a wonderful note after her purchase of The Finding 40 Project.  She’s hitting the big 4-0 in just a few days (congrats!!!) and we wanted to share a snippet of her story and what 40 means to her (and looking beyond!) Thank you again Meghan for reaching out and we [...]