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South and Central America

Mar. 12 2016

Thrilled to get an awesome update from participant Gloria in Quito, Ecuador!

Gloria in Quito has opened her own B&B!

It’s so awesome to hear from our participants — and we were really happy to get an exciting update from Finding 40 participant Gloria in Quito, Ecuador: She has followed through on her dream of opening her own B&B! She emails us that “she has made her dream come true” and is running her own [...]

Mar. 2 2012

Erasma — Cusco, Peru

Erasma -- Cusco, Peru

Erasma speaks no English. My Spanish is so-so at best. A translator is not readily availble. However, with a warm smile and traditional kiss on the cheek, Erasma agrees to have her picture taken and attempt our interview.

Jan. 18 2012

Rosa Elena — Ecuador

Rosa Elena -- Ecuador

We’ve just returned from visits to Ecuador and Peru where we had the pleasure of interviewing three different women with three very different lives. I’ll be posting excerpts from each pending chapter.

Oct. 31 2011

Ted Turner on the importance of empowering women

A great piece today by Ted Turner on cnn.com about the importance of empowering women and access to vital family planning tools as we mark the 7 billionth person born today!

Aug. 21 2011

Marcella — Tijuana, Mexico

Mexico US Border

Tijuana, Mexico is not an easy place to live. Crowds, traffic, pollution and unending border waits have been aggravated in recent years with a dramatic acceleration in drug violence throughout the country. Marcella has lived almost her entire life in this border town and has watched it change… unfortunately, for the worse. “When I was younger, my husband and I would go out all the time. Sometimes I would drive home late at night by myself with my top down in my Jeep; I wasn’t afraid.” Marcella has reason to be afraid now.