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Aug. 23 2014

This 40-year-old has a KICK! Watch Jo Pavey’s incredible gold medal win in the 10,000 meters


It’s always awesome to see amazing 40-year-olds succeeding in anything, but this is truly incredible!  Watch the video of Jo Pavey’s epic win in the 10,000 meters at the European Championships.  That is a kick to be envied!!   http://www.sunnyskyz.com/happy-videos/1035/No-One-Expected-This-From-A-40-YEAR-OLD-Woman-It-Gave-Me-Chills#rp6lSL1yEPotWA5o.01   To top it off, she’s mom to a young daughter!  Way to go Jo [...]

Aug. 18 2012

Enjoying some wine with Simona in Brescia, Italy…

Simona -- Brescia, Italy

Where better to meet with a sommelier and wine tour leader than a cafe, in a lovely Italian piazza, enjoying a glass or two of the good stuff? We were fortunate to meet with Simona just one day after her 40th birthday and we toasted her milestone and chatted about life in Northern Italy and working in one of the country’s most important industries.

Jul. 16 2012

Cristina Buys a One-Way Ticket Home to Italy and Never Looks Back

Cristina -- Torino, Italy

During our visit to Europe earlier this spring, we met with the lovely Cristina in Torino, Italy — city of her birth and now “home” after years living abroad. Quite an adventurous spirit, we loved hearing about her journey to 40.

Jun. 18 2012

Maria — Brussels, Belgium

Maria -- Brussels, Belgium

This busy mom of two balances a full-time career of counsel in an international law firm with her family life and frequent visits to nearby Spain and Austria to stay connected with her family as well as her husband’s…We loved Maria’s thoughts on looking forward from 40 to 50.

May. 27 2012

Anabel — Avignon, France

Anabel -- Avignon, France

Anabel is fierce.  She’s French.  She’s fabulous.  We had the pleasure of talking with her while her daughter June kept busy playing with Anabel’s own camera (she’s a professional photographer) in the incredible photogenic town of Avignon in Southern France.