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Jul. 15 2014

Cheers to 40-year-old Mom Rocking Her Dream to Become Saints Cheerleader!


What’s not to love about Kriste Lewis following her dreams and never giving up her ambition to become a New Orleans Saints cheerleader?  She beat out gals half her age to make this year’s squad! https://gma.yahoo.com/40-old-mom-becomes-orleans-saints-cheerleader-141936240.html   Want to read about more awesome women at 40 doing what they love?  Buy your copy here of The [...]

Jun. 19 2014

We love Jillian Michaels baring it all and rocking it at 40!

Jillian Michaels bares it all for Shape Magazine!

She’s in fantastic shape and is a professional personal trainer, but it still takes guts to bare it all — Especially in a national magazine!  Cheers to Jillian Michaels for her decision to pose nude in Shape Magazine — Here’s to rocking it and loving the body you have! http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/06/18/jillian-michaels-nude_n_5507164.html?ir=Entertainment  

Jul. 30 2013

Our Latest Book Review — The SanTanSun in Arizona


We had the great pleasure of talking to writer/blogger Lynette Carrington for an article in the SanTanSun out of Chandler, Arizona.  As a bonus, our wonderful participant Traci was interviewed and photographed for the piece as well!  We love all the opportunities to share the stories of The Finding 40 Project and the endlessly interesting women in the book!

Nov. 15 2012

Aldo’s in the 40 Spirit — Love!

Aldo Shoes

I came across this display in the window of Aldo shoes/accessories this week (had also seen a similar one in New York) — And just wanted to share.  Love the message and sentiment! CELEBRATE THE FIRST 40!

Oct. 16 2012

Flora Shares her 40 Story through the site


A little snippet from Flora’s story from the web site: “My divorce was the best thing that ever happened to me. My divorce caused me to learn about life and the importance if being self-sufficient and economically self supportive that I successfully put all my ducks in order and now I am who I am. Every day I strive to learn new things about myself and how I can better those around me. I’m am proud to be 40 — I’m healthy, happy and fabulous and most importantly proud to be 40!”