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40th Birthday Gift

Mar. 13 2013

The Finding 40 Project NOW AVAILABLE on AMAZON!

Thank You FashionForward40 for the Review!

What does it mean to turn the big 4-0? How different can it look to women around the world?

After nearly two years, 10 countries and more than 30 interviews, writer and photographer Aimee Cebulski has compiled these stories and photographs into The Finding 40 Project, a look at what 40 means to a diverse set of women.

Jan. 18 2013

40th Birthday Gift for Any Woman!

Thank You FashionForward40 for the Review!

A truly unique gift idea for any woman hitting the big 4-0:  A copy of The Finding 40 Project.   Buy your copy here:  https://www.createspace.com/4172448