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Dec. 21 2012

Nuria — Lahore, Pakistan

Nuria on Face Time

“The women here are so strong, so amazing…My mother in law went to Harvard Law at age 40. I find in my circle of friends that women’s rights are always discussed. However, sometimes I get a bit irritated,” Nuria continues. “As a woman, you get a lot of attention here whether you want it or not. The attention acts like an infringement on my freedom. Men stare so much that one does not feel comfortable going alone.”

Oct. 1 2012

Next Round of Interviews!

Interviews 2012

We are very excited to announce our next round of interviews/stories we will be working on between now and the end of the year…We’ll be speaking to women in: – Arizona -Pakistan – Dubai – Ethiopia -Sri Lanka – Maldives ** Stay tuned for more!

Jul. 16 2012

Honored to speak with Mala in India

Mala, struggling to make it to 40

We are very honored to have the opportunity to get to know Mala in Edapady, India through our partner, PCI Global.  Just getting this small glimpse into Mala’s life, struggling to live with HIV and trying to raise her children is a wonderful reminder of the fragility of life and the challenge many women face around the world just hoping to make it to 40.

Oct. 31 2011

Ted Turner on the importance of empowering women

A great piece today by Ted Turner on cnn.com about the importance of empowering women and access to vital family planning tools as we mark the 7 billionth person born today!

Jun. 8 2011

Locations in Asia


There’s such an incredible diversity of cultures, history and flavors in Asia.  Women’s lives are so very different, sometimes drastically different within one small region of any given country.

We will be trying to show a small taste of Asia since there are so many places to choose from.  The initial location list for this region includes: China — Metro area, China — Rural area, Indonesia, Japan — Metro area, Japan — Rural area

More details coming soon as this section is planned — Click below to see photos from this region.