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Syd — Los Angeles, California

Syd -- Los Angeles, California

We met with Syd at her home and work space in Los Angeles to talk more about how her life at 40 is far different than she thought it would be…

Syd’s life now in Los Angeles is nothing like what she imagined it at 30 and she’s happier than she ever thought she could be. “I’ll be honest, the milestone of 40 has been freaking me out a little bit, but I feel now like everything fits,” she says. In her late 30s she decided to change her path. Syd had been working almost exclusively in the entertainment industry as an independent filmmaker, gaffer and lighting designer. She liked the work but something just wasn’t right.

“I decided to examine my life and find my space. At 35, I was in a session with my therapist and she asked me to vision my life at 40 and I told her she was crazy…40 was a long ways away,” Syd says. She had ended a very serious relationship with her girlfriend and needed to figure out what made her happy. After a lot of soul searching she settled on a new career – one as an energy healer, life coach and intuitive reader. What does that mean?

“Basically I help people clear their space – whether it be mental, emotional or physical to help them make more centered choices for themselves.” She’s converted the second bedroom in her rented 1920′s art deco house in Los Angeles into a healing space where she conducts individual sessions with clients.