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Katie Reaches Out Through Web Site: Her 40th Birthday Message to Herself

Katie from San Diego

Katie from San Diego shares her personal message to herself from her 40th birthday earlier this year. Rock on Katie!

We were thrilled to be contacted by Katie in San Diego and have her share her own experience turning 40…Katie’s 40th Birthday message to herself from earlier this year below. Thanks Katie!


First posted on my 40th birthday on July 2, 2012

Well I’m 40. Wow! I can’t believe it really. That always seemed old to me. And I don’t feel old. I don’t think I look old. Not smoking or using drugs has paid off: I only have about 12 gray hairs and almost no wrinkles…My skin is good…great even. ;) I still have all my teeth. Grandma would like that. I am happy and productive. I laugh and sing A LOT! People need me. I have a career that fulfills me and through which I know I am making a difference in the world. I have enjoyed and continue to enjoy the love and devotion of a wonderful family, dear friends, inspiring colleagues, and beloved students. The people in my life…loved ones and strangers….have made me a better person. I have seen the realization of so many hopes and dreams. God saw fit to make music the way I primarily communicate with the world and through which I look to und erstand it. I’ve known heartache and despair to be sure…but honestly, only as a result of loving fiercely…so I don’t regret or resent it…the love was always worth it. I feel smarter, stronger, sexier, and happier now than I ever have…and I only crave to be bolder, braver, and better! So what is the song of my life now? Hmmmmm…..can’t pick just one. Perhaps a combo platter of I’m Still Here, Before The Parade Passes By, and So Much Better. Hahaha. This year, I heard a sermon encouraging us to trust in the God of Surprises. Well God of Surprises, you sure have been at it in this girl’s life! And it has been a glorious ride so far. I will continue to trust you to keep me guessing and keep me happily surprised by all you throw my way….I know your dreams for me are bigger than the ones I still hold in my heart for myself! I thank God for a wonderful life and am ready to get started on the next 40…♥