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Jun. 8 2011

Locations — Australia and the Pacific


This part of the world is so unbelievably vast, it’s impossible to comprehend how spread out people are.  I visited Yap earlier this year and you really get a sense of how remotely people live.  Interestingly, in many of these cultures, women rule the roost.  We will be trying to get to as many remote locations as possible to look at how women find forty on a tiny dot in the middle of the world’s largest ocean.

Jun. 8 2011

Locations — Africa

There is truly no place on earth quite like Africa — The land is amazing and broad, people are friendly and proud and each country is so very different.  Women in this part of the world often battle abject poverty and oppressive cultures that marginalize women’s rights.  The continent is so vast, it’s impossible to get all of it in; we will attempt to show a small sliver of it.

Locations in Africa initially include: Ethiopia, Rwanda, Uganda

Jun. 8 2011

Locations in the Middle East

Middle East

I had the pleasure of visiting Egypt and Jordan in the fall of 2009 and loved it…The people, the history and the food!  This region is so filled with history it is practically bursting at the seams.  Women in this part of the world, maybe more so than anywhere else, face unique challenges as they try to develop and express personal freedoms and determine their own path in life.  Location list for this part of the world includes: Dubai and Morocco

Jun. 8 2011

Europe — First location — Belgium

Our first interview in Finding Forty has been completed.  Stay tuned for excerpts from Julie’s story, a former power attorney who left it all behind for a new life.

We will also be heading to several other locations in Europe, including: France, Iceland, Greece, Russia, Far eastern Europe

Jun. 8 2011

Locations in South and Central America

South America has been on my list of destinations I’d like to hit for some time now.  It’s the last main region I have not explored.  Women in this area face many interesting challenges relating to battles with natural disasters, scarce resources and often violent political unrest.

Finding Forty will head to both Central and South America, likely at the end of 2011.  Initial target list for locations include: Panama, Ecuador, Peru, Argentina

Jun. 8 2011

Locations in North America/Canada/Mexico

Baja2009 196

Although the three countries share thousands of miles of common borders, the countries of Canada, Mexico and the United States could not be more different.  Finding Forty will be heading to a border town on the US-Mexico line and various regions of the United States, including the upper mountain west and the deep south.

Interviews in the mountain west are slated for early July.

Jun. 8 2011

Locations in Asia


There’s such an incredible diversity of cultures, history and flavors in Asia.  Women’s lives are so very different, sometimes drastically different within one small region of any given country.

We will be trying to show a small taste of Asia since there are so many places to choose from.  The initial location list for this region includes: China — Metro area, China — Rural area, Indonesia, Japan — Metro area, Japan — Rural area

More details coming soon as this section is planned — Click below to see photos from this region.

Jun. 7 2011

The Pull of Travel…

A big part of Finding Forty for me is the continual pull I feel to get out, explore, see new things and explore new cultures.  I often wonder where it comes from and sometimes even start to feel restless when I am home, even though I love living in San Diego.  Here’s a great piece from CNN Travel about “10 Reasons You Know it’s Time to Go Traveling” — some signs to look for in your own life that say it’s time to get out!

CNN — 10 Reasons It’s Time to Go Traveling…

Jun. 7 2011

First Destinations Booked!

Good Morning!  Happy to report I have booked my first domestic trip for Finding Forty!  I will be heading to Big Sky Country (Colorado/Wyoming) and the midwest (Nebraska/Kansas) later in June searching for women Finding Forty where the land is big and many struggle to keep their families afloat living off what they can farm.

Do you have input on what cities/areas I should visit?  Please post comments here.  Thank you!

Jun. 7 2011

More about The Finding Forty Project

Woman running in Venice

The Finding Forty Project is a unique opportunity to take a concept that is both feared and celebrated in the United States (“hitting the big 4-0”) and turning an eye outward to see what this milestone means to others on a global scale. From women who simply hope to make it to 40 to those in desperate need to forget it, Finding Forty will tell their stories through photos, text and video.

Where are you turning 40?  Are you like this early morning jogger getting a workout in the streets of Venice?  Do you have a favorite spot for meditation?  Click on “Share your Story” to tell us your story of Finding Forty.

Jun. 7 2011

Helping others through Finding Forty

One main goal for Finding Forty is to support women’s charities in the regions visited during the project, both domestically and internationally. A portion of proceeds from advertising revenue and book sales will be used to fund women’s programs in each of the countries visited. We are thrilled to be partnering with PCI Global to support their programs worldwide