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Mar. 2 2012

Erasma — Cusco, Peru

Erasma -- Cusco, Peru

Erasma speaks no English. My Spanish is so-so at best. A translator is not readily availble. However, with a warm smile and traditional kiss on the cheek, Erasma agrees to have her picture taken and attempt our interview.

Jan. 18 2012

Rosa Elena — Ecuador

Rosa Elena -- Ecuador

We’ve just returned from visits to Ecuador and Peru where we had the pleasure of interviewing three different women with three very different lives. I’ll be posting excerpts from each pending chapter.

Dec. 21 2011

Natalie — New York, New York USA

Natalie -- New York, New York

OK, so this is the only interview where we will use the first and last name — I had the great pleasure of interviewing Natalie Morales of “The Today Show” for Finding Forty. What a treat!  She was funny, honest, warm and genuine.  I’ve posted a few excerpts from her chapter and will have some video soon.

Dec. 14 2011

Andy Rooney on why women over 40 are fabulous!

Finding Forty Girl

A great classic post from Andy Rooney…Enjoy!

Dec. 6 2011

Video Clip: We ask Meghan in Wyoming if she misses living in New York

Meghan -- Bondurant, Wyoming

We learned in Megan’s interview that she left a hectic and crazy life in New York City and traveled the world, eventually ending up in the small town of Bondourant, Wyoming…Does she miss NYC?

Nov. 16 2011

Finding Forty featured as “Lost Girl of the Week”


We were thrilled to be selected as the “Lost Girl of the Week” by The Lost Girls — a great group of travel writers and fellow wanderers….Enjoy!

Nov. 15 2011

Julie — Washington DC

Julie Washington DC

What makes a high-powered political fundraiser, used to rubbing elbows with Washington’s power elite, decide to step aside from the highest-paying clients and seek those of the more four-legged variety? For Capitol Hill insider Julie, it was an opportunity to use her skills and expertise for a different purpose. “I really believe everything happens for a reason, and when Stout came into my life, it helped me get on a pretty different path from where I was.”

Nov. 7 2011

We interview Natalie Morales of “The Today Show”

Natalie Morales

Today we had the pleasure of chatting with Natalie Morales, news anchor on “The Today Show” — She was gracious and a great interview, can’t wait to post snippets of our talk. 

Oct. 31 2011

Ted Turner on the importance of empowering women

A great piece today by Ted Turner on cnn.com about the importance of empowering women and access to vital family planning tools as we mark the 7 billionth person born today!

Oct. 15 2011

Catherine — Rome, Georgia

Catherine, Rome Georgia

On our swing through the south we stopped and visited with Catherine who charmed us with her very genuine southern hospitality and great accent (at least we think it’s an accent, since we don’t live in the south, but we know we have a ‘California’ accent!).

Oct. 6 2011

First look — Catherine in Rome, Georgia

Catherine in Rome, Georgia

We’ll be working on a more detailed post soon about our time today with Catherine, but a quick photo post from our shoot today at Berry College in beautiful Rome, Georgia.

Sep. 21 2011

Click to Support Finding Forty!


Thank you so much for taking the time to learn about Finding Forty. If you would like to contribute to our efforts and help us complete these interviews worldwide and give back to PCI Global, please click the link below to learn more.

Thank you!


Sep. 2 2011

What is your favorite view ever?

Letchworth Park Trout Pond Lake

A great piece on the “Best Vistas of the World” — Of course, everyone has their own favorite view….What’s yours?


Aug. 28 2011

Video — The Finding Forty Project

Finding Forty Video

We are thrilled to post an overview video for Finding Forty. A big thank you to our Creative Director Nicole for putting this together!