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Dec. 4 2013

Cheers to Smart (and wise) Girls! — Sharing stories of 40 on Facebook


The momentum continues to grow for The Finding 40 Project. — Our great piece from Women You Should Know has been shared by Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls on Facebook — Encouraging others to share their 40 as well. Cheers!

Dec. 4 2013

a HUGE thank you to Women You Should Know for the great piece!


We were thrilled to be featured this week on the very cool web site, Women You Should Know.  The site consistently provides interesting and compelling stories of women around the world, all rocking in their own individual ways.  We worked with the team for a piece on The Finding 40 Project, and we are so honored and [...]

Nov. 11 2013

Sending Good Thoughts To Finding 40 Participant Amy Robach

Amy Robach

We were saddened this morning to hear of Amy Robach’s diagnosis with Breast Cancer but so very proud of her for her decision to do a mammogram live on Good Morning America — This important test can save your life and is VITAL to all of us Finding 40.  I had my first one almost [...]

Oct. 24 2013

Actresses 40+ are hotter than ever in Hollywood!

Fabulous at 40 and beyond!

Amen!  The media is starting to figure out that you can be fabulous, engaging and a money-making star — even over 40!  As this article says, in some cases, especially because the actress is over 40!  Cheers to all the Sandras, Camerons, Jennifers and more out there! http://movies.msn.com/movies/article.aspx?news=835799

Sep. 10 2013

Fabulous Casey and Penelope out of Ft. Collins featured in latest press writeup

Fort Collins Magazine press writeup Fall 2013 issue

A huge thanks to Fort Collins Magazine for the selection as their “Fall Read” for their latest issue.  We’re thrilled to see Casey and Penelope highlighted and glad we could share some of their inspirational messages with readers in Northern Colorado.

Aug. 6 2013

Thank you to Yahoo! Shine for The Opportunity to Guest Post

Yahoo! Shine

I had a wonderful opportunity to post a piece on Yahoo! Shine earlier this week about the discussion on choosing a Child-Free life…I recounted some of the experiences of the women in The Finding 40 Project that chose a Child-Free life in several different countries. http://shine.yahoo.com/experts/child-free-learn-women-around-world-201900268.html   It’s a hot button issue and one that evokes a [...]

Jul. 30 2013

Our Latest Book Review — The SanTanSun in Arizona


We had the great pleasure of talking to writer/blogger Lynette Carrington for an article in the SanTanSun out of Chandler, Arizona.  As a bonus, our wonderful participant Traci was interviewed and photographed for the piece as well!  We love all the opportunities to share the stories of The Finding 40 Project and the endlessly interesting women in the book!

Jun. 27 2013

So how do you feel about your body? New book looks at real women

A Beautiful Body Project

This project caught my attention this morning — An awesome new book by a fellow photographer and Kickstarter.  Jade Beall is a photographer in Arizona that began amassing a collection of real women’s bodies and real, unretouched photographs.  The goal?  Highlight how beautiful the female body is in all its shapes and forms, even with [...]

May. 28 2013

Finding 40 Project featured on More Magazine web site

More Magazine

We had the pleasure of being able to do a guest post on More Magazine’s web site about The Finding 40 Project and the entire journey to complete the book. You can read the entire piece here: http://www.more.com/member-voices/your-stories/how-fellow-40-year-old-tiny-village-ecuador-taught-me-age-really-just-num Enjoy!

May. 10 2013

Finding 40 Project reviewed at FashionForward40.com

Thank You FashionForward40 for the Review!

We had the opportunity to work with writer/blogger Tracey Rossignol and her great site, FashionForward40.  Thank you Tracey for the great review and support! http://fashionforward40.com/2013/the-finding-40-project-a-book-review/ We loved this particular snippet: “This book would make a lovely gift for friend, wife, partner, sister, etc who is might be facing her own 4-0 milestone. Or a woman [...]

Apr. 17 2013

Seeking a Great 40th Birthday Gift for the Woman in Your Life?

Thank You FashionForward40 for the Review!

Looking for a unique and inspiring 40th birthday gift for your sister, friend, co-worker or neighbor?  Seeking a little inspiration for your own arrival at the Big 4-0? A copy of The Finding 40 Project makes a great gift and 10% of every sale goes to benefit Project Concern International (www.pciglobal.org) and their women’s microloan programs worldwide! [...]

Mar. 13 2013

The Finding 40 Project NOW AVAILABLE on AMAZON!

Thank You FashionForward40 for the Review!

What does it mean to turn the big 4-0? How different can it look to women around the world?

After nearly two years, 10 countries and more than 30 interviews, writer and photographer Aimee Cebulski has compiled these stories and photographs into The Finding 40 Project, a look at what 40 means to a diverse set of women.

Mar. 11 2013

A Project to Share: One Dress, One Woman, One World


I came upon this awesome blog/book project last week and wanted to share.  A brief overview: “Jennifer and her dress have traveled across the world in search of adventure, beauty, an excuse to never end her honeymoon with Jeff.  Turning a passion for travel into an unprecedented photographic project.” You can see the story and [...]

Jan. 30 2013

Sneak Peek — Women of Abu Dhabi


I had the opportunity on this last trip to meet with four ex-pat women at once, all living in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.  We met and talked at the gorgeous Fairmont Abu Dhabi with the Grand Mosque just beyond the creek….Stunning. A look at the four women: Philippa, Karen, Nicola and Julie.  

Jan. 18 2013

40th Birthday Gift for Any Woman!

Thank You FashionForward40 for the Review!

A truly unique gift idea for any woman hitting the big 4-0:  A copy of The Finding 40 Project.   Buy your copy here:  https://www.createspace.com/4172448