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Business Insider

Aug. 22 2017

Turning 30 around the world?


Always fun to see a fellow photographer and wanderer looking to see how different life stages can look around the world…Very interesting piece by Melia Robinson on Business Insider about “Being 30″ — a blog documenting people in their 30s around the world:   http://www.businessinsider.com/thirty-year-olds-photographed-around-the-world-2017-8?utm_source=timewarner&utm_medium=referral/#turning-30-was-quite-an-important-event-in-my-life-stephan-domingues-told-business-insider-in-2015-when-we-first-spoke-i-felt-it-was-the-case-for-people-around-me-1 What always impresses me about other projects like mine is [...]