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Jun. 27 2013

So how do you feel about your body? New book looks at real women

A Beautiful Body Project

This project caught my attention this morning — An awesome new book by a fellow photographer and Kickstarter.  Jade Beall is a photographer in Arizona that began amassing a collection of real women’s bodies and real, unretouched photographs.  The goal?  Highlight how beautiful the female body is in all its shapes and forms, even with [...]

Mar. 11 2013

A Project to Share: One Dress, One Woman, One World


I came upon this awesome blog/book project last week and wanted to share.  A brief overview: “Jennifer and her dress have traveled across the world in search of adventure, beauty, an excuse to never end her honeymoon with Jeff.  Turning a passion for travel into an unprecedented photographic project.” You can see the story and [...]